Torador Dairy Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd received the 2019 prestigious Interna

2019-06-10 14:07:34

      Torador Dairy Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd received the prestigious International Quality Award during the 2019 Annual Awards Ceremony held in Rome, Italy on June 3rd.
      Torador Dairy Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd was awarded with 4 Quality Award by Monde Selection, the well known independent Institute in the world. This international label is an undeniable evidence of the quality of their products.
       On June 3rd 2019, more than 650 guests attended the 58th Annual Awards Ceremony of Monde Selection in Rome. During the ceremony, producers from all over the world were granted with the  most highly respected international quality award in the consumer industries.
      This year more than 1,000 companies from 90 countries presented no less than 3,000 products to Monde Selection juries. Each product has been evaluated individually to establish its global quality pro?le and grant the product the quality award it deserves.
      “More than judging the taste or the presence of ingredients, Monde Selection o?ers a 360° quality evaluation of each product that certifies the benefits and consumer experience.” says Patrick de Halleux, chairman of Monde Selection.
      The awarded products are encouraged to display the quality label on their packaging to a?rm their level of quality and reassure the consumers in their purchasing choices.
      After the ceremony, all guests were invited to a magnificient cocktail and gala dinner which took place at the Vil- la Miani, located high above the Eter- nal city of Rome boasting one of the most scenic views of the city.
About Monde Selection
        Since 1961 Monde Selection’s mission is to evaluate consumer products and award them with its unique quality labels.Indeed, when the consumer intends to buy a product bearing Monde Selection Quality Awards, he will be assured that the product has been tested and approved by a totally independent professional jury.
       What makes Monde Selection unique? The scienti?c approach used to evaluate the products against international standards such as ISO norms, legal prescriptions and industries’ guidelines.
Evaluation Process
        Monde Selection has elaborated rigorous methodologies that go far beyond regular tastings or assessments. The methods are inspired by the European Directives and Regulations. Every year a panel of 80 experts taste and test products coming from all over the world on a wide range of parameters. The jury members are external and are chosen for their professional quali?cations, their competence, their experience and integrity.
       To ensure the most objective judgment, each sample is evaluated as a whole and is not compared to one another. During the evaluation, each jury member and board of scienti?c experts ?ll in in a strict independent way the evaluation sheets which include up to 20 parameters to establish the quality pro?le of the product. The criteria and evaluation parameters vary according to the di?erent types of products, but are always part of a global approach.
       When necessary, scienti?c analysis are entrusted to o?cial laboratories that are accredited by the Belgian Federal Public Service to ensure that all the commercial claims are appropriate and substantiated by scienti?c evidence.
Quality Awards
       The juries of Monde Selection award quality labels to products that are outstanding in terms of the di?erent evaluation criteria. The ?nal result of the evaluation is calculated on the basis of the average points awarded by each jury member in a totally independent manner.
      If the product gets a ?nal result between 60% and 69% a bronze quality label is awarded, silver for a final result between 70% an 79%, gold for a final result between 80% and 89% and grand gold for a final result between 90% and 100%.
      In addition to the Quality Awards, Monde Selection awards the e?ort of companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their products over several years by granting them Prestigious Trophies namely the “25 Years Trophy” (25 consecutive years), the “Crystal Prestige Trophy” (10 consecutive years) and the “International High Quality Trophy” (3 consecutive years).
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